Team Sessions

Fourteen times or more a year the Western Society of Periodontology offers continuing dental education in their 14 western states and Canada that comprise their membership. Thousands of Periodontists, General Dentists and Hygienists attend these continuing education sessions. Educators are some of the top in the Dental field offering these practitioners the interdisciplinary education they seek out. Each of these events bring in anywhere from 75-300 dental professionals. The duration of these are either full or half days. 

Team Sessions

These events focus on the entire team: Periodontists, General Dentists and Hygienists. These events can be Full or Half day and offer multiple speakers. They are very popular with our members and our marketing brings in an assortment of dental professionals who are both members and non-members. This is a great opportunity to get in front of dentists when they are in a relaxed educational setting and have a limited number of other suppliers there.

Hygienist Appreciation Days

There are 15 of these in 2024. First: These are not solely for Hygienists. There is specific education for Periodontists and General Dentists, as well. So, when you exhibit at this event, while you will see over 250 Registered Dental Hygienists, there will be GPs and Periodontists in attendance. Our first event in 2016 was an overwhelming success with over a 98% positive reaction from attendees. Member Benefit: There is a specific member benefit that is attached to this event: All Member-Periodontists are able to invite 15-20 referring hygienists for a free day of education.

You will notice that sometimes Team Session and Hygienist Appreciation Days are married together as one. Below is a list of our events for 2024. We hope you will join us.


  • February 10, Detroit, MI Dental Team Session
  • March 2, Kansas City, MO Dental Team Session
  • March 9, Denver, CO Hygiene Appreciation Day
  • April 20, Las Vegas, NV Hygiene Appreciation Day
  • April 27, Boise, ID Hygiene Appreciation Day
  • May 4, Phoenix, AZ Hygiene Appreciation Day
  • June 1, Sacramento, CA Hygiene Appreciation Day
  • June 8, Fresno, CA, Hygiene Appreciation Day
  • September 7, Tampa, FL Dental Team Session
  • September 14, San Diego, CA Hygiene Appreciation Day
  • September 21, Seattle , WA Hygiene Appreciation Day
  • October 5, Minneapolis, MN Dental Team Session
  • October 19, Portland, OR Hygiene Appreciation Day
  • November 16, Indianapolis, IN Dental Team Session