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Six (6) hours of continuing education credit will be provided.


Saturday, Sept 7, 2024
Registration & Exhibits
7:30 am - 8:00 am
Tricia Osuna
8:00 am - 10:00 am
Break & Exhibits
10:00 am - 10:30 am
Jodi Deming
10:30 am - 12:30 pm
Lunch & Exhibits
12:30 am - 1:30 pm
Samuel B. Low
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Six (6) hours of continuing education credit will be provided.

CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS AND IMPROVE YOUR OUTCOMES - An Update on Protocols, Products, and Treatment Options



Updated protocols assist us in determining our patient’s specific needs. As we move toward a more collaborative profession, we need to embrace these updates to identify those needs. We are presented with continuous challenges of new advances in products and technology and their use in dentistry and are in need of information to determine when and how to add them into our armamentaria. As professionals providing health services, our perception of product use along with protocols needs to be discussed with our team, as well as the interdisciplinary referrals we have. The process of care (assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, implementation, evaluation, and documentation) requires a comprehension of protocols, products, and treatment options and how they are to be utilized.


  • Modify diagnosis assistance with the team and rationale for changes in assessment forms and diagnostic tools.
  • Distinguish which new-to-market products should be brought into your practice.
  • Integrate materials and products for a variety of uses in the dental office from infection control, dental hygiene therapy, oral cancer screening, patient communication, and instrumentation.
  • Develop effective communication with patients and assist in the business of the dental practice.
  • Formulate strategies that incorporate efficiency in patient treatment for more productive scheduling.


Tricia Osuna, is a University of Southern California graduate, Past President of the American Academy of Dental Hygiene, and California Dental Hygienists’ Association. Tricia is in her 44th year as a dental hygienist, with many of those as a clinician. She shares her experiences with her audiences in a humorous and enlightening presentation experience. Ms. Osuna is a lifelong CDHA/ADHA member and a previous Member of the Dental Board of California. She is a Founding Member of the American Board of Facial Esthetics. Licensed in both California and New York, her experiences traverse the dental hygiene arena in a unique way spanning a variety of roles including consultant, clinician, educator, international presenter, author, mentor, as well as owner of Professional Insights, Inc.

Sponsored by:  Ivoclar, Enova, Nordent and Kettenbach.

Unleash the Master Clinician Within

Jodi Deming, RDH, OMT


Science tells us that passion is contagious. Passion leads to mastery. This presentation is intended to inspire you with current science and technology. The future of Dental Hygiene is worth getting excited about. Literature tells us periodontal disease and oral inflammatory conditions have increased and continue to surge. Doing the same thing expecting a different result was Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity. As a profession, we must rise to the occasion recognizing the time to change is now. The abundance of research implicating the impact of oral inflammation on systemic conditions provides us an opportunity to influence the health and wellness of our patients. We will redesign the hygiene visit to exceed patient expectations and be rewarded by improved outcomes.


  • Entertain and educate: Ignite curiosity of each participant to embrace evidence based innovation.
  • Ability to describe biofilm/microbiome and its role in oral medicine.
  • Demystify the new disease model Polymicrobial Synergy and Dysbiosis.
  • Convey to patients the role they have in biofilm control. Motivate/Educate. Seeing is believing.


Jodi started practice as a dental hygienist in 1988. In the early 1990’s frustrated with the understanding of the etiology of periodontal disease, she became involved with biofilm research. At that time, the term was rarely used in dentistry except in the context of dental unit waterlines. As a clinical research associate, Jodi was involved with biofilm growth and therapeutic product development evaluating the effect on dental biofilms. Understanding biofilms, she developed a passion about non-surgical therapy, root morphology, and the results of thorough periodontal debridement. Jodi has worked 28 years mastering non-surgical periodontal therapy techniques and procedures. She currently works in both periodontic and prosthodontic practices. Jodi is a national and international educator, clinician, and lecturer. She has presented over a 150 lectures and workshops on advanced integration of ultrasonic and hand instrumentation. Jodi has served as adjunct faculty at the University of Southern California, School of Dentistry, Department of Dental Hygiene, and Spear Education. She is a Friends of Hu-Friedy Thought Leader valued for her involvement with biofilm research, instrument development, and training. She is nationally recognized as an expert in endoscope and ultrasonic instrumentation.

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The Ultimate Non Surgical Periodontal Workshop

Samuel B. Low, DDS, MS, M.Ed


Join us for The Ultimate Non-Surgical Periodontal Workshop, a comprehensive course designed for both dentists and dental hygienists. This workshop will equip you with a user-friendly perio approach, from patient acceptance scripting to chairside positive action. Explore a range of time-tested and new technologies to effectively diagnose and manage periodontal and implant diseases, with the entire team working in synergy. Experience the power of microthin ultrasonic technology and optional diode lasers, providing optimal access for both dentists and hygienists. Discover the next generation guided biofilm therapy with airflow, enhancing chairside speed and efficiency. Our workshop also focuses on innovative topical and local anesthesia techniques, ensuring a pain-free experience tailored to each patient’s needs. During this workshop, you will:


  • Maximize time efficiency by integrating workflow between dentists and hygienists.
  • Develop realistic non-surgical therapies, incorporating cutting-edge anti-inflammatory systems like micro-ultrasonics and innovative airflow systems.
  • Differentiate and utilize laser technologies for both surgical and non-surgical periodontal indications,
    including Laser Bacterial Reduction (LBR), curettage, and low-level laser therapy (LLLT).
  • Establish a high-quality periodontal maintenance program that enhances your restorative practice, while also addressing coding, third-party reimbursement, and achieving 100% case acceptance.


Samuel B. Low, DDS, MS, M.Ed, Professor Emeritus, University of Florida, College of Dentistry; He is past President of the American Academy of Periodontology. He is a current President of the Academy of Laser Dentistry. He was selected “Dentist of the Year” by the Florida Dental Association, Distinguished Alumnus by the University of Texas Dental School, and the Gordon Christensen Lecturer Recognition Award. He is a Past President of the Florida Dental Association and past ADA Trustee.



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Online Registration

Six (6) hours of continuing education credit will be provided