Announcing the Launch of the Highly Anticipated

WSP Periodontics Study Club

Starting February 2024

This initiative is a testament to our commitment to fostering collaboration among periodontists, restorative dentists, and hygienists within the WSP community. The club is designed to facilitate knowledge exchange and professional networking, hosting six meetings annually, each on the first Saturday of every other month, starting at 9 am PST.¬†Exclusively available to WSP members, this club offers a unique platform for shared insights and growth opportunities. We envision members hosting “breakfast with the stars,” inviting GP colleagues and hygienists to their offices, creating an enriching environment for collaborative learning. The fluid dynamics of the club empower members to shape its direction, ensuring discussions revolve around the most interesting and relevant topics. Join us on this exciting journey to elevate your expertise in periodontics and strengthen our professional community.

Potential Topics:

  • What therapies work best in the gp office and what therapies work best in the periodontist’s office
  • Where does the hygienist stand in this mix
  • Fundamentals of what data is necessary to arrive at a proper diagnosis
  • What relevance does a diagnosis have relative to establishing a proper prognosis
  • What are the current options for therapy and when to prescribe it
  • Who uses what instrumentation and what benefits ar expected
  • How long can an actual tooth be retained
  • How predictable is periodontal therapy and under what conditions
  • Is it worth placing an implant? Risks, benefits, rewards
  • Who is ultimately in charge here, gps, periodontists, hygienists
  • Who is responsible¬† for the maintenance, whether it be a tooth, teeth, or implants
  • The work is quickly moving toward Artificial Intelligence, will this take away our job
  • Periodontal Plastic Surgery: When and Why

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